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Glenlea Dohne Stud - History

Glenlea Dohne Stud was established in 1998 with the first ever importation of Dohne embryos out of South Africa. 

Stud principals Alex and Lyn Leach first saw the Dohne in 1996 while on a family holiday in South Africa. Alex observed the Dohne in the harsh Karoo of South Africa and was impressed by the way the animals handled the conditions. Most particularly Alex was impressed by the animals' ability to gain body and wool weight on the sour veldt, and the high lambing percentages the Dohne was able to achieve in this area. Alex believed the Dohne had some qualities to offer the Australian sheep industry and in 1997 made the first order of embryos. The first lambs arrived in July 1998 and the Glenlea Stud and the Dohne breed was established in Australia.

Since the Dohnes' arrival in Australia, Alex has always worked to promote the values of the breed:

  • High fertility

  • High body weights coupled with high Eye Muscle Depth and good Fat

  • Well-nourished 18-22 micron wool

  • Heavy wool weights on a plain body type

  • Survivability

  • Performance breeding

Katanning and Pingrup, Western Australia
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