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Glenlea Polls are assessed in the Merino Select database. Currently though it must be remembered that we are only able to use the raw data of our polls and the links through their sires to their relations at other studs across Australia. We are not able at this time to include the raw data of the Dohne dams in the analysis. We are undertaking many different strategies to increase linkages such as getting the 15k genomic test done on the poll rams we are keeping as sires, inclusion of sires in superior sire trials and bringing in genetics from different sources and environments.

That said we are very pleased with how our polls are shaping up in the Merino Select analysis. They have performed as we would expect with PWT and YEMD well above the merino average. PWT is 33% above the merino average at +4.08 and YEMD 65% above the merino average at +0.81.

Growth and Carcase Traits

PWT 2017 poll.png
PEMD 2017 Poll.png

Wool Traits

Also as expected we are down on clean fleece weight and staple length. YCFW is  30% below the merino average and YSL is  23% below the average. It is a goal of the Glenlea Polls to maintain the reproductive traits of the Dohne in the Polls while working towards a higher yielding more styled fleece with a long staple that gives the grower the flexibility to shear twice a year or every 8 months.

YSL 2017 Poll.png
YCFW 2017 poll.png

Genomic ASBVs

We are also now, through our inclusion in the Merino Select database, able to offer clients genenomically tested ASBVs on lean meat yield, intramuscular fat and many others. Again the Polls are performing just as we would expect with higher LMY at 32% above the merino average. IMF is below the merino average as it is negatively correlated to LMY. The challenge is for us to identify those superior animals that are able to offer balance with both LMY and IMF being important traits for yield and eating quality.

YLMY 2017 poll.png
YIMF 2017 poll.png
Katanning and Pingrup, Western Australia
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